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black australorp eggs

Understanding Black Australorp Egg Laying: A Comprehensive Guide

Black Australorps are gentle and are excellent layers of brown eggs. Our Black Australorps typically lay their first eggs at around 6-7 months of age. Several factors can influence when they begin laying: The type of food you feed them. The time of year you hatch (or purchase) them. How they are raised. In this…

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Black Australorps

Black Australorps Black Australorps are a breed of chicken that was developed in Australia beginning around 1890-1900. They were based on Black Orpingtons from England, which were mainly being raised for meat production. Breeders crossed the Orpingtons with several other breeds, all known for their egg-laying ability: Minorcas, White Leghorns and Langshans. Some sources say…

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Heritage Black Australorps

Black Australorp Breeding Goals

Having raised my current flock of Black Australorps for nearly 2 years, I’ve been very happy with them – both the breed and this particular strain. They’re good layers. The males grow quickly to where I can process them for meat starting around 20 weeks. The hens will occasionally go broody and hatch their young.…

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Black Australorp Roosters

Are Black Australorp Roosters Aggressive?

There are several kinds of aggression: Aggression toward people Aggression toward other chickens, particularly roosters. In 5+ years of raising them, I’ve never had serious difficulty with Black Australorp roosters being aggressive toward people. They do tend to be somewhat aggressive toward each other, but that’s true of pretty much all breeds of roosters. Are…

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Black Australorp Hen

How to Maintain Your Flock’s Egg Production

Having a productive backyard flock requires more than just choosing the best egg production chickens. It has a lot to do with how you manage and maintain your flock. In this article, I’ll give you a basic framework and some techniques to help you increase egg production and maintain a productive flock. This approach is…

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Black Australorp Rooster

Selective Breeding of Chickens

What is Selective Breeding? Selective breeding is, simply put, breeding with the intent of accomplishing some type of goal. Usually, the goal is multi-faceted. It takes into account various traits, the overall health and vigor of the chicken, the reasons you have for raising the chickens and the way (and place) in which you are…

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black australorp males

How We Got Started Breeding Black Australorps

My family and I began breeding Black Australorps in 2015. We started with a flock of about 100 Black Australorp chicks. I chose Black Australorps for several reasons: They are good layers (they’re known for being the most prolific heritage breed layer). They are large birds that are good for meat production I knew of…

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2017 Black Australorp Breeding Plan

Based on our breeding goals, here is a list of what needs to be accomplished this year: Grow newly-hatched chickens to 18 months of age before selecting which ones to use in the breeding program. This will enable us to select breeders more accurately than if we selected earlier, plus it lends itself to selecting…

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