Raising Chickens

How much space do chickens need?

It’s important to give your chickens plenty of space. Overcrowding can lead to all sorts of problems. Pecking. Aggression. Poor health. Transmission of diseases. Chickens don’t thrive in an overcrowded coop. How much space is enough? A common recommendation you’ll … Read more

Heritage Black Australorps

Resources for getting started with raising chickens

If you are new to raising chickens, here are several articles and other information that will be useful to you when planning your flock. Articles Planning to start your flock How many chickens should I get? How much space do … Read more

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What is a brooder?

A brooder is a space to raise baby chicks. A place that supplies warmth and protection. When baby chicks hatch in an incubator (or when you first purchase them), they need additional heat in order to stay warm. That’s because … Read more

Young chickens

What are started pullets?

Started pullets are female chickens that are at least a few weeks old. Different suppliers sell them at different ages. It’s common to find started pullets anywhere from 4-5 weeks old on up to several months old. If you’re new … Read more

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How many chickens should I get?

Figure out how many eggs you want per day. Multiple that number by two and get that many hens. Most of the year, you’ll have more eggs than you need. That’s the simplest approach. Below, I’ll go into several other … Read more

How I got started raising chickens

My parents first started raising chickens in the early 1970s. When I was 6 years old, we moved to a small town in southeast Texas. We built a coop and bought a small flock of meat chickens and began raising … Read more

Learn from Watching Your Chickens

It’s good to watch your chickens and notice what they do. You can learn a lot more about them that way. And knowing them better will help you care for them better. It’ll also help you see how to integrate … Read more

The Best Waterers for Chickens

It’s essential that chickens have access to plenty of clean, palatable water. During hot weather, it’s best to put the waterers in the same shady area that the chickens tend to hang out in. If it’s too hot, they’ll be … Read more

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What Are Straight-Run Chickens?

Straight-run simply means that you’re getting the chickens “as-hatched.” No attempt has been made to determine the gender of the chickens. Does “straight-run” mean that half will be males and half females? No, not necessarily, when you hatch chicks, they … Read more

Black Australorp Roosters

Are Black Australorp Roosters Aggressive?

There are several kinds of aggression: Aggression toward people Aggression toward other chickens, particularly roosters. In 5+ years of raising them, I’ve never had serious difficulty with Black Australorp roosters being aggressive toward people. They do tend to be somewhat … Read more