Hatching and Incubation

broody hen

How Long Does it Take Chicken Eggs to Hatch Under a Broody Hen?

Once a hen goes broody and starts setting on eggs, it takes about 21 days for the eggs to hatch, which is the same amount of time it would take in an egg incubator. When it comes to eggs that … Read more

GQF Incubators

At what humidity level should I incubate chicken eggs?

Humidity level can have a big effect on the success of your hatch — your hatch rate. Start by following any instructions that came with your incubator, but keep records and improvise from there. The more you incubate and learn … Read more

Candling a cracked egg

Incubating Chicken Eggs, Day 1

Selecting and Candling the Eggs We went through first and selected the eggs to use. We’ve already set aside any that are too dirty or too old, now we’re candling the “good” eggs to look for any that are cracked. … Read more

Choosing Which Chicken Eggs to Hatch

I recently incubated another batch of eggs from our Black Australorps. One of the first steps when incubating chicken eggs is choosing which eggs to hatch. Why does this matter? For several reasons. First, not all eggs are equally likely … Read more

Baby chick visible at day 19

Hatching Chicks in an Incubator

Once you’ve gained some experience raising chickens, I recommend starting to hatch eggs. You can perpetuate your chickens by hatching eggs from your own flock instead of needing to buy chicks every few years. It’s interesting and enjoyable, and you … Read more

broody hen

Hatching Under a Broody Hen

Certain times during the year, particularly during the spring, some of your hens may go broody. Some breeds of chickens (and certain strains) are more prone toward broodiness than others. What is broodiness? It’s when a hen decides to sit … Read more