Articles about General Information about Chickens

Learn from Watching Your Chickens

It’s good to watch your chickens and notice what they do. You can learn a lot more about them that way. And knowing them better will help you care for them better. It’ll also help you see how to integrate them into your farm more effectively. This last summer, we were raising a group of Black Australorp…

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The Best Waterers for Chickens

It’s essential that chickens have access to plenty of clean, palatable water. During hot weather, it’s best to put the waterers in the same shady area that the chickens tend to hang out in. If it’s too hot, they’ll be reluctant to venture out of the shade to drink water. If you had asked me…

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Black Australorp Roosters

Are Black Australorp Roosters Aggressive?

Are Black Australorp Roosters Aggressive Toward People? I’ve never had any serious problems with Black Australorp roosters becoming aggressive toward humans. Our roosters have nearly all had good temperament and are easy to manage. We often pick up and handle the roosters. That said, I think this has as much to do with breeding and…

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