About Farmstead Chickens

This articles and information on this website are intended to help answer questions you may have about raising and reproducing chickens for practical use on a small family farm or homestead.

I began raising chickens as a child and have been raising them most of my adult life. I find them to be fascinating, enjoyable and extremely practical for producing food.

I began breeding chickens in 2015, out of an interest in how to sustain and perpetuate a flock and a desire to learn more about breeding livestock.

We currently raise a flock of about 85 chickens and turkeys on our 10-acre central Texas homestead, along with several larger livestock.

The content that I've written for this website was born out of practical experience of what works and doesn't work, along with my continual quest to learn and understand more.

Matthew Pressly
Matthew Pressly

Seminars, Workshops and Classes

I have presented several workshops in recent years at the Mother Earth News Fair in Belton, Texas and the Homestead Fair in Waco, Texas. Workshops have included the following topics:

How to Keep Your Laying Flock Productive (Workshop)

In this workshop, we explore how to raise and maintain a productive egg laying flock. Among other things, I'll discuss care, raising replacement layers, culling and the question of how to know which hens are laying well and which ones aren't.

Chicken Housing (Seminar)

In this seminar, I present the pros and cons of different types of housing and show which ones are a better fit for different types of situations, including management style, amount and type of land, etc.

How to Improve and Perpetuate Your Flock (Seminar)

Chickens are remarkable. They produce fresh food in family-sized portions, both meat and eggs. They’re adaptable to a wide range of climates and varied purposes. Their manure, if properly managed, can build your land’s soil fertility. They’re excellent foragers. And they’re easy to take care of. Once you’ve begun raising a flock and have mastered the basics, you can learn how to improve and perpetuate your flock. In this seminar, we discuss these things and how they can come together on your small farm or family homestead.

Introduction to Raising Poultry (Class)

In addition, I teach a class for the The Ploughshare Institute for Sustainable Culture about once a year that covers the basics of how to get started raising poultry.

— Matthew Pressly

What else do you do when you're not raising chickens?

In addition to raising chickens and raising a family, I build websites and provide SEO and digital marketing services for small businesses, particularly those involved in small-scale agriculture and artisan skills and crafts.

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